Gravity Heroes

Gravity Heroes

Gravity Heroes
Gravity Heroes

It’s a fast paced 2D futuristic arena game, where heroes called Gravity Heroes fight, controlling gravity, for peace between men and machines.

To bring the feeling of nostalgia,the game follows a pixel art style. Its futuristic appearance as seen in the 90s, should also be apparent in the art of the scenarios, characters, items and interface, i.e., items will have more mechanical parts, screws, electrical wiring and LED lights.


  • The ground is not enough for our heroes, change gravity and play on the walls or even the ceiling!
  • There are 25 different enemies organized in waves ready to defeat you.
  • Don’t worry we will boost your abilities with plenty of items, weapons and power-ups.
  • If this is not enough you can invite your friends and play up to 4 players to defeat the mightiest of the bosses!
  • Or play against them in the versus mode, and prove who is the true master of gravity!
  • Enjoy our nostalgic styles of art and soundtracks.

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