Game Events

Welcome to Onono Co-op Game Events.

Each Friday, Onono teams up in Discord and on Twitch to give you an awesome game night. We play different games to include you all.
The events start Fridays at 7.30 pm GMT time zone.

Friday Giveaway is happening in Discord, where we are giving away 10 games. We also got game quiz with great prizes.

You are all welcome to play with us, join us in Discord chat, or watch the stream. We always play for fun with a hint of competitive.

Event Calendar:

January Events

February Events

March Events

April Events

May Events

  • Friday 1 May – @Generation Zero
  • Friday 8 May – @Csgo
  • Friday 15 May – @Fallout 76
  • Friday 22 May – @Last Oasis
  • Friday 29 May – @Last Oasis

June Events

  • Friday 05 June – @Dark Souls 3
  • Friday 12 June – @DayZ
  • Friday 19 June – @The Forest
  • Friday 26 June – @Scum

July Events

August Events

September Events

October Events

  • Friday 2 October – @Payday 2
  • Friday 9 October – @Rainbow Six Siege
  • Friday 16 October – @COD – Warzone
  • Friday 23 October – @Fortnite
  • Friday 30 October – @World of Tanks

November Events

  • Friday 6 November – @Star Wars – Squadrons

All members of Onono can post their wishes for games to play.
Remember to join us in Discord on Fridays to relax, enjoy, and play.


  1. I`m loving it.

    The way you manage and keep people active is awsome. Game Events is one of my favorite.
    Keep up the good work Kurz. You are doing great.

    007 With love from Russia.

    • Thanks.

      My job is to keep the members active and happy.
      I appreciate the nice words.

  2. Don’t have Atlas, but will be joining next week for Empyrion. Excited!

    • Yeah, me too. I only got some hours in the game. Going to be awesome.

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