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Fractured Veil
Fractured Veil

Fractured Veil is a multiplayer, persistent game set 100 years in the future on Maui. Players will joyfully struggle to organize, survive, and recolonize the fractures to craft a new civilization.


Fractured Veil is a game being developed and published by Paddle Creek Games. Development started in 2016 with a small team working towards building the world of Lahaina in 2120.


  • Cloud-based AI
  • Hunting and harvesting systems
  • In-game drones powered by machine learning
  • Dozens of items and weapons to craft
  • Player Construction / Base Building
  • Wood, Stone, Iron, Twine and Sulfur resource gathering and refining
  • 64 Square KM Open World
  • Monuments to explore
  • First or Third person combat with Mutants, Animals and other players
  • Party and Friend systems for co-op play
  • Large scale NPC intelligence
  • Dynamic day-night cycle

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