Fight for survival, gather resources, face bloodthirsty monsters and rebuild mankind in FIRST.

THE FIRST WILL BE THE LAST! Suddenly the end came. Nature simply gave up, and the human race was next in line for extinction. Only you survived, becoming the hope for the future of our species. During your journey, you encountered an injured dog that you could not leave without help. In return for your kindness, he became your only friend.

TO SAVE MANKIND Together you cross the wastelands to discover the great mystery behind the end of the world. To become the hope for a better future ... Together with his four-legged companion, the player travels through radioactive deserts, ruined cities, and the ashes of the remains of civilization, discovering the story of the last days of human life on the planet.

MORE THAN SURVIVAL The heroes will have to face dangerous creatures that have appeared after the environment died. However, confrontation will not always turn out to be the best solution. The player's four-legged friend will provide him with support, warn about dangers, search for resources, and even join in the battle when necessary!

THE LAST WILL BE THE FIRST! During your adventure in FIRST, you will travel through a dangerous, detailed, and open world full of adversities. The story is filled to brim with a unique atmosphere of dread and loneliness, and the stakes go even higher during the blood-chilling confrontations.

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