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10 Best Survival Games at PC

If you are are a survival enthusiast you will love this list of Onono`s top 10 list of survival games. Myself is a huge fan of survival games, but I’m sad to say, I don’t like PVP as much. I hate losing my stuff and start to rebuild all over again. But what I like about the survival games is the building aspect, I can build fo...[Read More]

Friday – Game Night

Happy Friday – Game Night – Empyrion Galactic Survival We in Onono are teaming up in Discord voice chat on Fridays. Please join us for some fun and relaxed gameplay.Events starts each Friday at 7.30pm GMT time zone. Game to be played: @Empyrion Galactic Survival Friday in Onono means free flowers (use flowers to buy games in Steam) free g...[Read More]