Duru is a game about mole rats and depression  with which Twisted Ramble Games wants to spread the word about how we all can help people affected by this illness. It is a 2D puzzle adventure set in a West-African inspired mole rat colony. While solving puzzles with an AI companion that works with and against them, players follow the story of Tuli – a story about the struggle with insecurities, darkness and friendship. It is told in a colorful, light hearted way with humour and always respect towards the topic.

Tuli’s illness takes slowly more and more room of her everyday life and once easy tasks become complicated hurdles. Her depression is depicted in the form of the creature Bel, an unreliable and sometimes utterly unhelpful AI companion. Apart from Tuli nobody can see Bel so none of the other mole rats know what’s going on or why she changes.

The focus of the game is on misunderstandings that can happen in every day social situations with someone who suffers from depression. It is for those who want to learn about this illness but are afraid of the topic. It is also a game for players who are looking for a different approach to puzzle platformers due to the AI companion, Bel. Tuli can draw objects from her mind into reality to solve puzzles. Bel can manipulate these objects shoving them away or even eating them. Players have to learn to adapt to this behaviour and progress despite Bel.

With “Duru” Twisted Ramble Games wants to raise awareness for depression and show how somebody might help a friend, family member or colleague suffering from it. To make the game available for nearly everybody the Tuli shows her thoughts in pictures so players can learn about her mental illness on an intuitive level and witness how other mole rats deal with it.


  • 2D puzzle adventure about depression
  • AI companion that works with and against the player
  • Draw objects into the world to solve puzzles
  • Original setting with lovingly designed characters
  • Story about a serious topic, told in a light-hearted but earnest way
  • Dialogs that rely solely on visuals

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