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Drive Buy is a cross-play vehicle combat game with a delivery twist.

To win, drivers must hustle the most deliveries and shakedown rival drivers with powerups. The intoxicating mix of deliveries and rivalries sets the perfect stage for peacocking, surprise, and revenge.

Jump into Drive Buy in 4 players multiplayer with friends online or kick back in the same room across multiple devices. Vote on maps, play together, or as rivals in various delivery themed game modes.

Be sure to keep your delivery pace up and make use of power-ups to earn the number 1 spot.


• 4 Player, head-to-head Online Battles 
• Seamless AI Play designed to auto-fill the roster during play
• 3 game modes - 
           Delivery Battle - Hustle the most deliveries and shakedown rival drivers with powerups found around the map. Strategic, unpredictable & full of surprises.
          PayDay - Hold onto the most coins on the map whilst dodging power-ups left, right & center
          Piggy Bank - Tag… with a Pig! Hold the pig to earn coins, other players hunt you down keeping the action really focused and players tight.
• Choose from 6 diverse characters with more added in each season update.
• Vehicles have unique handling and stats so make sure you pick the best for each mode.
• Find and unlock an array of Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and even Special Giftable Cosmetic Items for every character

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