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Conan Exiles Game Server

Game Server

Onono have two game servers for Conan Exiles

  • Exiled Lands
  • Isle of Siptah – see below.

Welcome all Conan Exiles fans.
Hosted 99.9% Guaranteed uptime. Europe server.
Pve Conflict Daily update and restart at 6 am, CET.
Onono have made a server named
Please join us to have some fun in the Conan Exiles universe.

Server name: – Gamers Connect
Not installed waiting for an update: (Age Of Calamitous)
Not installed waiting for an update: (Pippi – User & Server Management)
Kerozards Paragon Leveling – A Multigun Refresh

Buildings is ALWAYS safe.
PVPTime Weekday Start=1800
PVPTime Weekday End=2200
PVPTime Weekend Start=1800 PVPTime
Weekend End=2300

Any questions? @[Ono] Mr. Kurz are admin on the Conan Exiles server.

Game manual:

Help us mantain the servers by donating, donations are locked to server fees only:

If there is any settings or mods you want to change/add on the server, let me know.

Isle of Siptah – Game server

Server name: Isle of Siptah | – Gamers Connect
No Password:

Please join us in Discord to play: