Riot Games reveal VALORANT Patch 4.07

Riot Games just unraveled VALORANT Patch 4.07 that will include changes including new LATAM servers, weapon and store updates, new AFK detections and various bug fixes. VALORANT Patch Notes 4.07 – The patch will go live at 9am on Wednesday 13th April. SERVER UPDATES Added a new set of servers in Latin America, which should help with latency in that region Scheduled to turn on not long a...[Read More]

Riot Games releases VALORANT Patch Notes 4.02

Riot just unveiled patch notes for 4.02 in VALORANT. You can find the full patch notes below.  PERFORMANCE UPDATES ● Improved latency for Windowed Fullscreen mode to match closer to Fullscreen Exclusive○ These improvements should play well with in-game overlays, however, havinganother program’s window on top of your gameplay window will negate thesebenefits. SOCIAL UPDATES ● AFK detection buf...[Read More]

Riot to release VALORANT Prime Gaming Wayfinder Shorty Skin

Riot just announced the new VALORANT Prime Gaming weapon skin. The Wayfinder skin will be available for the Shorty shotgun and is free to Amazon Prime subscribers as part of Prime Gaming.

Riot Games release VALORANT Dev Diary

Riot just released the latest dev diary on social media from VALORANT Dev Team Lead, Anna Donlon. The diary discussed upcoming plans including battlepasses,  content and features while focusing on strengthening the foundation of the game instead of adding a new agent in the next act.

Riot Games announces VALORANT Patch 4.01

Riot Games today released Patch 4.01 in VALORANT. The patch will include social and weapon updates and bug fixes which you can find below. SOCIAL UPDATES Muted Words List added to the settings Muted Word List is a new section you will find in your settings where you can type in variations of words/phrases that you, personally, would not like to see appear in-game We admit that some players ar...[Read More]

Riot Games releases VALORANT Patch Notes 4.0

Riot has today unveiled the full Patch Notes 4.0 update for VALORANT which includes Neon going live in the game along with some weapon, map and competitive updates. AGENT UPDATES Neon goes live! See her abilities on our Agents page. WEAPON UPDATES MELEE The melee’s been too tricky to aim with, making it tough to rely on. So we’ve updated both left and right click melee attacks for more reliable Ag...[Read More]

Riot Games today announces a new VALORANT agent called Neon, Episode 4, Act 1 and the new Protocol skinline

Riot Games today announced a new VALORANT agent, called Neon, Episode 4, Act 1 and the new Protocol skinline.  Neon is the new agent from the Philippines who surges forward at shocking speeds, discharging bursts of bioelectric radiance as fast as her body generates it. She races ahead to catch enemies off guard, then strikes them down quicker than lightning.   Episode 4, Act 1 Battl...[Read More]

Desert Operations launches ARENA server

gamigo’s military strategy game takes the global stage offering new challenges in its first ever international server gamigo issues a new mission order to all players of military strategy game Desert Operations. On November 24, a new area of operations will be made available to all participants worldwide. This location comes in the form of the new international server called ARENA. Between Novembe...[Read More]

Riot Games announces Recon, latest skinline for Valorant

Riot Games has announced VALORANT’s latest skin line, named Recon. The military inspired skin line that gives you the visuals of fully kitted out guns with all the bells and whistles in attachments. The weapons offering the new skin line includes: Phantom Balisong (Butterfly Knife Melee) Ghost Spectre Guardian Key Features Randomized Model Changes (cosmetic-only; no gameplay impact), Butterfly Kni...[Read More]

Riot Games today announce a new Episode 3 Kick Off Trailer and new patch notes for Valorant

Riot Games today announce both a new Kick Off Trailer and new patch notes for Valorant VALORANT Episode 3: Kick Off Trailer is presented with a message to the fans; ‘’Over the past year, we’ve seen our community erupt with creativity as they shared their unique VALORANT experiences with the world. Now we’re partnering with a few talented creators to show you what’s kicking off in Episode 3 ‘’...[Read More]

Riot Games confirms Valorant for mobile as the game turns one year old!

Riot Announces Viewership Results From Recent VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Event; Celebrates Its Popular Shooter’s Year 1 Milestone with Rewards for Community Video game developer and publisher Riot Games today announced an average of more than 14 million PC players from around the world log on each month to play VALORANT, Riot’s free-to-play FPS video game that launched solely on the PC platfo...[Read More]