Top 10 tips to help you master Planet Zoo

Hello there and welcome to our top ten tips for Planet Zoo! In this guide, you’ll discover downright essential gameplay tricks and advice to help you master the much-loved zoo management simulation. So, if you want to earn money fast, increase animal welfare, and get more guests through the gates than ever before, read on.

Conan Exiles – Isle of Siptah Achievement Guide

First of all, if you're here to say "this is not the way devs want you to play", "this is not the way achievements supposed to be earned", go cry somewhere else. This guide is written just to make clear for achievement hunters how to complete this DLC the fastest way.

Valheim solo Guide with Tips

Always keep one marked portal at home and take resources to build the second right after landing on another island. If you will die, linked portals will help to grab back your loot. You don't really need an outpost on every new island. Just secure your landing, set workbench and portal, link it with the same at the main base. When you are ready to leave the island, "delete" the portal with a hamme...[Read More]

Conan Exiles Rhino Guide and Map Locations

The new Expansion of Conan exiles ”Isle of Siptah” comes with exciting updates. In this topic, we’re going to talk about Rhinoceros. Remember the big horny beasts roaming the world of Conan? Now you can ride them!You can now catch and tame four types of gray rhino, not only to be your pets, yet additionally to be your mount! The new mount can and be used for combat and traveling,...[Read More]

Last Oasis Quality Guide with Tips & Tricks.

First off, Last Oasis has a great survival tutorial that will help you to overcome all the hurdles in the early start of the game. But as in any survival game its easy to get stuck when starting to do more advanced things, like in Last Oasis when trying to make quality equipment or walkers.This guide will help you with some tips & tricks to overcome some of the difficulties of quality in Last ...[Read More]

7 Days to Die Tips & Tricks.

7 Days to Die Tips & Tricks by @ff-wulfson Don’t forget to place your bedroll A Bedroll is an object which can be manufactured using plant fibers but also can be looted. A Bedroll sets your spawn point at the location in which it was placed. It’s your only spawning point and it will be shown on the map after the placement marked as a bed. You normally place it home, but it’s ...[Read More]

Green Hell – Beginner’s Guide

1. Shelter. The first thing you ought to do when you commence the game and venture into the wild is to craft yourself a shelter and a bed. Shelters are one of the most paramount buildings in Green Hell. They are utilized for preserving the player’s progress. Some shelters can additionally be utilized for slumber which renovates the player’s energy and increases sanity. Other shelters p...[Read More]

Conan Exiles – Mounts guide and map locations.

MountsMounts aren’t the only thing in Update 38, though: You will be able to engage in mounted combat and level up your pets and thralls, so they grow more powerful the more time you spend with them. Getting a mount works the same way as getting a regular pet. You will first have to find a foal, and then bring it back to a Stable to raise it. StablesStables work the same as Animal Pens, but are fo...[Read More]