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Cartel Tycoon
Cartel Tycoon

A narrative-driven tycoon game where you rule as a succession of fictional drug lords in 80s Latin America.

Build drug production and smuggling chains while dealing with rival cartels, your rogue lieutenants, state authorities, and the opinion of common people.


  • Grow a drug empire in the late ‘80s, dealing in marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and other goods
  • Tycoon action on an epic scale with dozens of upgrade paths and endless strategic combinations
  • Run huge logistical systems of your farms, labs, warehouses, workshops, research centers, and delivery lines
  • Conquer neighboring regions and send profits climbing to unlock new upgrade paths and powerful research opportunities
  • Death is inevitable but lieutenants with unique traits take over for the drug lord before them
  • Evade the authorities and square off against rival cartels on the path to profit
  • Procedurally generated story and roguelike action for endless replayability
  • Original soundtrack recorded by artists like Orkesta Mendoza, Chico Unicornio, Candeleros, C.A.M.P.O.S., The Vicious Seeds and others
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