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Cargo Company

Cargo Company
Cargo Company

Cargo Company is a transport simulation tycoon game where you make money by transporting passengers, wood, steel, goods, cars, tanks, and more - using trains, trucks, busses, and even rockets between planets.

How it works

Start by creating a company: First, choose a simple transportation route. Build a train route for example between a mine and a steel mill in order to transport iron ore. Create a train station at each end, and buy a cheap train. Set the route, and start earning money each time your train delivers iron ore.

After you made some profit, create your next route.


The game is running in real-time, but can be accelerated and paused at any time. Manage trains, busses, and rockets. Buy and sell them, or repair them. Expand your company when you have figured out how everything works. Expand onto other planets or the moon, and build an interplanetary transport empire.

What can you do in the game

  • Build bridges, railways, streets, train stations, and launch platforms
  • Transport wares and passengers using trains, trucks, busses and even rockets
  • Make money and grow your company
  • Production chains include steel, wood, oil, goods, cars, tanks, and even rocket propellant
  • Towns grow to large cities with the right incentives
  • Help humanity grow and expand into space
  • Transport goods between planets
  • Run your transportation routes on multiple planets at the same time
  • Switch between earth, mars, moon, and others at any time
  • Grow your transport company and become an interplanetary tycoon
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