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7 Days to Die Game Server

Welcome all 7 Days to Die fans.
Hosted 99.9% Guaranteed uptime. Europe server.
Daily update and restart at 6 am, CET.
Onono have made a server named Onono.no – Gamers Connect
Please join us to have some fun in the 7 Days to Die universe.

Server name: Onono.no – Gamers Connect
Password: Provided in Onono Discord
Ip: 7days.onono.no:26940

GameDifficulty – 4
XPMultiplier – 200
LootAbundance – 250
BloodMoonFrequency – 7
LootRespawnDays – 20

Download the mod launcher: http://7d2dmodlauncher.org/
Darness Falls mod info: https://www.onono.no/2020/03/08/7-days-to-die-darkness-falls-mod/
Check server info/stats: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/7dtd/4366142
North pve / South pvp

Help us mantain the servers by donating, donations are locked to server fees only: https://www.spillvert.no/kunde/index.php?m=public_pay&hash_id=q2dAoyMYl9vY

Please join us in Discord to play: https://discord.gg/32Hn7ZV

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