Riot Games announces updates and new skinline with RGX 11z Pro bundle for Valorant

Riot Games announces updates and new skinline with RGX 11z Pro bundle for Valorant

Riot today announces a new skinline with the RGX 11z Pro bundle for Valorant, which is inspired by high end gaming hardware with emissive LED lights, spinning tactile mechanical components, and premium reinforced plastic.

The bundle includes:

  • Kill counter that shows the number of enemies killed every round (displays EZ at end of round and then resets)
  • Emissive Wall Hit Decals – bullets holes/decals are the same accent LED colour of your gun
  • Colour changes on gun inspect
  • New melee type – first katana in the game
  • Reactive gun buddies – the gun buddy reacts when you fire your gun.

In addition, Riot Games also provided a bunch of updates for Valorant:



  • ●  Passing through the highest portion of Viper’s wall now correctly applies instant decay to high-flying Agents. 


  • ●  Jett’s Blade Storm kunai will now recharge after killing a training dummy or defuse practice bot. 


  • Penalties removed for leaving Deathmatch early
  • ○  Full game participation is required to earn XP.
  • ○  Many of you use Deathmatch to warm up, and its drop-in-drop-out nature 

makes that work great. Which is why we’ll now support DM as a drop-in-drop-out mode with no penalties for leaving a game early.


  • New setting, in Beta, “Raw Input Buffer” improves performance of input device processing
  • ○  VALORANT has used Raw Input for devices since launch. Enabling “Raw Input Buffer” will adjust which APIs are used for processing Raw Input.
  • ○  SHould result in minor performance improvement and identical input latency when used with standard input devices and gaming mice. 
  • ○  Major performance improvement when used with 8000hz polling rate mice. 
  • ○  8000hz polling rate mice are supported with this feature enabled. 


  • ●  A slew of fixes for some common crashes as reported by players BUGS 


  • ●  Fixed a bug where the text cursor would relocate to the right when editing text in the Report A Player menu 

Game System

  • Fixed a bug where Team Ace could be awarded in scenarios where it wasn’t earned by the team (we still respect teamwork!).

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