WORKSHOP SIMULATOR Brings the Relaxing World of Restoration to PC on 26 October

Cut, sand, polish, paint and assemble a world of everyday vintage items in Intermarum’s nostalgic adventure

WORKSHOP SIMULATOR Brings the Relaxing World of Restoration to PC on 26 October

Polish developer Intermarum announced their highly-detailed restoration title, Workshop Simulator, will launch on PC on 26 October. Players will craft and restore vintage toys, tools, furniture and works of art using true-to-life tools and technical craft, while exploring a nostalgic tale of family history and days gone by.

Get a feel for Workshop Simulator’s relaxing world and nostalgic narrative in the Announcement Trailer

Workshop Simulator offers players a warm and creative experience focused on the detailed and rewarding nature of tools and craft, backed by a heartwarming and nostalgic story about lessons in patience and generosity across generations. As the sun pours gently through the window and the smell of sawdust is thick in the air, players use a range of mechanics such as disassembling, cleaning, sanding, and painting to restore vintage items, or express their own creativity through brand-new creations.

Workshop Simulator features:

A detailed and authentic workshop

Hammers, drills, paints and machinery are re-created in rich visual and physical detail. Workshop Simulator allows players to repair and refurbish items using a range of restoration techniques and mechanics with authentic tools and specialist equipment unlocked through gameplay.  

A heartwarming and nostalgic story

An innocent request from your grandmother and a visit to an abandoned workshop leads to a nostalgic trip down memory lane, exploring your family’s history through the treasures passed down between generations.

Countless vintage items to build, repair and restore

Feel the joy of turning old into new. Take intricate vintage items and give them a second life with tactile restoration techniques. Sand, polish, paint and assemble everyday objects to turn them into their own small work of arts. Sell your works to fund better tools and more restoration opportunities.

We’re inspired by the world of workshop creativity and expertise you can find online,

There is a whole community of skilled craftspeople we enjoy watching breathe new life into beautiful old objects. We want to give players a workshop of their own where they can relax and restore unwanted vintage items and precious antiques with care, detail and love. We can’t wait to see what players will create later this year!

Marcin Książek, Creative & Art Director at Intermarum

Workshop Simulator launches on Steam on 25 October. To find out more about Workshop Simulator, visit

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