Things Are About to Get Medieval. The Waylanders Launches This November!

The Waylanders


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Things Are About to Get Medieval. The Waylanders Launches This November!

RPG fans looking for a colorful cast of companions, tactical real-time with pause combat, and a wide variety of classes and abilities to choose from can find all this and more in The Waylanders this fall.

Things Are About to Get Medieval. The Waylanders Launches This November!

Gato Salvaje Studio is excited to announce the release date of their upcoming party-based RPG, The Waylanders. Currently in Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development, The Waylanders is set to release in English, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Galician November 16, 2021 on both Steam and GOG. To celebrate the release date news, Gato Salvaje has set a 20% discount on The Waylanders for the week. 

The first act of The Waylanders, currently playable in Early Access, is set in the time of the Celtics. This era, filled with vivid color, living myth, and boundless wonder sets the stage for this magical time-travel adventure. Now, the shackles of time have been unlocked, sending you forward a thousand years where much has changed. Villages have become stone fortresses, religion has forced creatures of magic into the darkened corners of the world, and a familiar foe awaits your arrival. 

Your mortal party members have long since passed, but their spirits have lingered. Find and awaken these old souls to rebuild your party. For those companions who have waited, a millennia of dwindling magic has not been kind—seek them out and heal time’s wounds to regain their loyalty. 

Expanding on gameplay from the Celtic era, the new medieval period brings new story, side quests, weapons and armor, advanced classes, and more formations and abilities to slay monsters with. With more than 50 regions to explore, RPG fans can expect to enjoy more than 30 hours of adventure in The Waylanders

20% discount on Steam.

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