Holotech Studios adds hand tracking to Animaze

Powered by Ultraleap technology

Holotech Studios adds hand tracking to Animaze

Holotech Studios is excited to announce the addition of hand tracking to Animaze, powered by Ultraleap technology!

Animaze is excited to offer accurate and accessible hand tracking by Ultraleap.  Hand tracking is an important element in creating an immersive embodiment experience for users. 

With world-leading hand tracking that allows players to engage with the digital world naturally—the decision to integrate Ultraleap technology into Animaze was an easy one. Players get the best possible avatar experience available through a platform built to provide a seamless immersion experience.

Interested users looking to purchase a Leap Motion Controller can use the discount code “Animaze” on Arrow for a 10% discount.

In addition to hand tracking, last month integration with Tobii eyetracking was added to the free subscription tier as well, bringing facial expressions to another level. With attention to details like these, users have the opportunity to feel more autonomy and to experience deeper, more meaningful experiences.

As the team at Holotech continues development on Animaze, currently in Early Access on Steam, they strive to find the right balance between making Animaze a place to create and house personal virtual identities with a sustainable business model that can support the team’s efforts at ongoing improvements, maintenance, and new features.  

Animaze represents a diverse ecosystem that brings together vloggers, creatives, designers, artists, and business developers. Animaze is available on iOS and PC.

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