Classic Indie 2D RTS Cannon Brawl arrives to Nintendo Switch on April 14

Get ready to have a blast with a perfect mix of genres, combining the skill-based play of a classic 2D artillery game with the rapid-fire pacing of an RTS

Classic Indie 2D RTS Cannon Brawl arrives to Nintendo Switch on April 14

Press release

Temple Gates Games and BlitWorks are pleased to announce that the fast-paced and addictively fun PC indie hit Cannon Brawl will be released on Nintendo Switch on April 14 with Full HD graphics for €9,99 / $9.99!

Cannon Brawl, which is also available on XBOX One and PlayStation 4, is the next evolution of the artillery genre; created by a team of 3, it combines the skill-based play of a classic 2D artillery game with the rapid-fire pacing of an RTS.  

Cannon Brawl is the game we’ve always wished existed,

It combines two compelling game mechanics, with explosively fun results.

Theresa Duringer, co-founder of Temple Gates Games

Pilot an airship, capture gold mines and build everything from cannons to lasers and giant flamethrowers to raze your enemy’s battlefield! You can even destroy the earth under your rival’s feet! With more than 10 unlockable airships and more than 15 weapons and defenses, the strategic options are endless.

Key Features:

  • Action Strategy like you’ve never seen – Unique blend of 2D artillery and real time strategy gameplay results in intense tactical battles.
  • Battle Near and Far – Competitive 1v1 online multiplayer with ranked matching, invite a friend for a private battle, or plugin in a controller and get your buddies together for a home tournament
  • Strategic Options – Choose from 15+ weapons and defenses and combo them with 5+ different airship pilots for hundreds of strategic options
  • Dynamic Battlefields – Destroy the terrain with cannons, lasers and more
  • Epic Adventure – Battle across our full campaign mode with big boss fights spanning 20 missions, charting new territory across 5 unique environments

The campaign mode will take you through a huge kingdom, battling lots of enemies while gathering weapons and allies to become stronger. The story evolves across 20 missions in 5 very well differentiated settings where you won’t miss devastating weapons and powerful bosses.

Once you have unlocked some of the available airships and weapons, you’ll be ready for the most fun part of this game: the multiplayer mode! You can ask some friends over to join the party locally or find rivals online for hours and hours of fun.

Between resource management, territory control and war machine upgrades; players will find an intense RTS experience wrapped up in a delightful fantasy world with the outstanding, though unexpected, music created by the renowned artist Disasterpeace.

Cannon Brawl will be an ideal title to play with your friends and family this Spring, get your airship ready!
Cannon Brawl will be available for digital download on Nintendo Switch on April 14th.

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