Top 10 tips to help you master Planet Zoo

Top 10 tips to help you master Planet Zoo

Hello there and welcome to our top ten tips for Planet Zoo! In this guide, you’ll discover downright essential gameplay tricks and advice to help you master the much-loved zoo management simulation. So, if you want to earn money fast, increase animal welfare, and get more guests through the gates than ever before, read on.

Where to build first
When you start your zoo, it’s a good idea to build your first habitats and facilities right next to the park entrance. This is because the park entrance provides free electricity. It’ll not only save you money, but increase the rate you get it, since guests needn’t travel far to see your animals. Develop gradually, however – you don’t want to overbuild and go bankrupt.

What animals to buy
For starters, you’ll want to buy young animals. This ensures they remain in your zoo for as long as possible. Buying juveniles is especially important when dealing with species who have small life spans, insects for example. You should also look to buy animals with good genetics, such as high immunity and fertility – they’ll breed quickly and avoid disease.

Who should you hire?
Welcome to staff management 101. Start with two keepers, two vets and two mechanics. This is the minimum needed to keep your park running. Make sure their staff area is connected with a staff path, close to your starting habitat, and contains the following buildings: keeper hut, trade centre, staff room, vet surgery, workshop and research centre.

Start researching immediately
As soon as you’ve hired staff, optimise your time by beginning animal research. This is key to unlocking enrichments and increasing animal welfare. Researching power is also vital. Go for the solar panel, one-way glass, and bigger staff facilities. The more you research, the smoother your park will operate, and the less problems you’ll encounter over time.

How to optimise research
Researching animals raises their welfare and unlocks enrichments, but you don’t need to research every animals for those rewards to take effect. In other words, if you research one animal of a given type, you’ll unlock enrichment items for all animals of that type. Don’t waste time researching both lions and tigers. They’re part of the same cat family, so just pick one. 

The best way to earn money
Keeping your animals happy is the quickest route to a successful zoo.Make sure your animal welfare is over 90% and you’ll get a huge boost to guest happiness. The happier the guests, the more money you’ll make. Animal welfare cannot be underestimated. To increase it, monitor their various terrain, diet, and social needs.

Use donation boxes for additional revenue
Donation boxes create extra sources of revenue for your zoo, and you can put them just about anywhere. Try placing one right next to a window that looks directly into a popular habitat, as guests love gathering here. Doing so ensures maximum profit from donations. Donation boxes are a cheap way to boost cash flow.

Use animals with high appeal rating 
Animal appeal greatly impacts guest happiness and spending. That’s why, if you want to increase profits, you should prioritise animals with the highest appeal ratings. When searching on the market, filter your animals by ‘Price – Cash Listing Only’, and ‘Appeal – Highest to Lowest’. Buy the top ranked animals and your guests will love you for it.

Direct guests to increase spending
If you want guests to visit specific areas of your zoo, use billboards to point the way – they’re completely free. You can even get creative and add your own custom images to billboards. Alternatively, try investing in side entrances. These let guests enter from additional locations, and help with their distribution.

Reduce negative impact
No one likes a bad atmosphere, somake sure none of your buildings are giving negative vibes to your guests. To do so, bring up the heatmap and use the negative impact overlay to identify troublesome areas. Either remove these areas, or better yet, spend some time decorating them and spread the positive energy!


We hope you enjoyed reading our top ten tips for Planet Zoo. Why not test them out today? Planet Zoo is available to purchase on Steam right now. And, with the new Southeast Asia Animal Pack out today, it’s never been a better time to experience the award-winning zoo management simulation.

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