Afterpulse Launches Today on Nintendo Switch as a Premium Game with Full Cross-Play Support

Start Playing with the PRO Gear thanks to the Nintendo Switch™ Fast Pass. Leverage your Skills, Own the Battlefield!

Afterpulse Launches Today on Nintendo Switch as a Premium Game with Full Cross-Play Support

Press release

Digital Legends Entertainment™ and BlitWorks are proud to announce that the award-winning multiplayer third-person shooter Afterpulse released today on the Nintendo Switch as a premium title at a price tag of 19.99 EUR / USD. Afterpulse, which has been praised for its top-notch photo-realistic visuals and frantic gameplay, feels like at home on Switch.

Thanks to the full cross-play feature, Switch players will jump into an online battlefield along with the super-strong mobile player base. Newcomers to this amazing community will be granted access to the Nintendo Switch™ Fast Pass, valued at more than 100 EUR/USD
, which notably improves the initial gear and the progression (*). Dedicated gaming hardware (the Switch), great in-game gear, tons of players, now you just have to leverage your skills and have fun along with the mobile pros.

Gold and other items will be available to purchase from April 15th in the eShop

Nintendo Switch players will be transported into a post-apocalyptic urban battlefield and enjoy enhanced online matchmaking for live free-for-all battles and 8-player Team Deathmatch games. Using zone server technology, each match is made with optimal player experience in mind. Nintendo Switch™ players will be joining a player base of more than 20 million distributed across 160 countries that are already frequenting the mobile Android and iOS versions of the game thanks to the cross-platform support (requires an Internet connection and a subscription to Nintendo Switch™ Online to be played).

The Nintendo Switch™ Fast Pass, exclusively available for the Afterpulse Nintendo Switch™ players, will enrich the weapon and gear sets available for console players without losing the game’s skill-based approach. It includes the following items:

  • 5 stars rank THREAT series LMG: The HMG, one of the best in the game.
  • 5 stars rank gear set: Polyvalent and defensive, this set of gear improves all weapons, but particularly the ones in the THREAT series and the ones of LMG, SHOTGUN and LAUNCHER type.
  • 5 chests: Can bring you any weapons or gear between 4 and 6 stars rank.
  • 750 gold units: They can be used to buy a weekly series deal.
  • Booster 100% experience.
  • Booster 100% cash.
  • Booster 10% gold.
  • Improved daily reward calendar.

Players will customize their character with an extraordinary array of weapons and armors which can be combined and fused to generate over 1200 combinations. It offers endless possibilities to experiment and find their ultimate loadout to then dive into free-for-all battles to conquer the elite enemy squad in different game modes, themed seasons and events!

The main purpose of the Nintendo Switch™ Fast Pass is to provide an added value to console players, getting them the pro gear from the start. This awesome package that would cost hundreds on other platforms, will speed up the experience of getting into the game, hence the Fast Pass name. But make no mistake, the game remains skill-based and it will still be a long way until progressing and exploring the whole possibilities the game offers.

Existing mobile players will also find a great value in getting the Switch version. Aside from the great gaming hardware that the Nintendo Switch™ is, the included gear and progression will be useful even if they ever play on their mobile as well.

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