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Valheim solo Guide with Tips

Some tips for beating this game in solo mode.

If the Lords will not return to their thrones themselves…
“…let them return as cinders.”


Always keep one marked portal at home and take resources to build the second right after landing on another island. If you will die, linked portals will help to grab back your loot. You don’t really need an outpost on every new island. Just secure your landing, set workbench and portal, link it with the same at the main base. When you are ready to leave the island, “delete” the portal with a hammer and collect resources back.


Craft mead for anti-poison and anti-frost potions. Hives can be found in abandoned houses in starting biome. Collect queen bees, build a fermentation barrel from bronze. First potion for swamps, second for snow biome. Once wolve’s cape is obtained, forget about frost problems.


Bow, small shield, and one-handed sword/mace/ax are your best friends. The first one lets you deal with half of the enemies before they could get to you. The second one lets you parry and do increased damage with one-handed (block right before the enemy hits you). You can even parry ranged archers. When it comes to close fights, kill enemies one by one with parry.
if you are ok with dodging and stamina control, you can make halberds as a melee weapon. The main attack of the halberd perfectly stunlock single enemies and an alternative attack gains you good crowd control. But don’t rely on blocking at all.

Always upgrade your bow. Other armor and weapon upgrades are optional, but keep crafting actual tier of equipment (swamps – iron, snow – silver, plains – black). As for arrows, take simple wooden. You don’t have extra hands to collect everything fast, and good bow with wooden arrows in endgame can kill unawared goblins in two shots. Craft about 200 arrows everytime.

Biome tips

Swamps. Take an anti-poison potion right before landing there. Main poison enemies – green jumping jelly things and leeches in the water. Use your bow against both. Also, you can raise flooded ground with your hoe and avoid sudden leech death syndrome. Search for crypts located on the swamp shores (stone structures with green fires) collect iron, and 10 withered bones to summon the boss. Don’t ignore green growths from the trees: build a ladder and chop them with your ax. Three trees should give you enough guck, an additional component to make and upgrade late-game bow later, after mining some silver in the snow biome.

Snow. Take an anti-frost potion, iron pickaxe, then get in your boat and explore the world for really high mountains. You can climb mountains by jumping and hitting attack with a pickaxe. Wolves can be tough, cause of their damage and moving speed, so I recommend learning how to parry them with a shield. Try blocking right after they come close enough for your melee attack. Minidragons – shoot, dodge, shoot. If you meet rock golems, ignore them. Seriously, just ignore them and choose another way.
When the metal detector goes beep-beep-beep fast, start digging down for 1 meter. One found silver vein gains 60-70 pieces of silver ore. Don’t forget to scan runestones on top of the mountains for boss location and collect pink eggs (you will need 3).

Plains. Deathsquitos can be killed with one precision shot from a bow. If it spotted you, just hold block and hit him right after flying bastard rams your shield. Search for fuling settlements, kill them one by one with a bow, collect flax and boss totems (5 to summon). Remember, even big green boyz can be parried. As for their shamans, a long-range fight is strongly recommended.
In the worst case, you will find yourself running away from an angry group of greenskins. Hit and run.
At this moment darkwood brotherhood and swamp buddies are your best friends, do not ignore their help.

Boss tactics

Bonemass, swamp boss. Craft iron mace, take anti-poison potions.

He does only 3 things. Melee, puke cloud attack, summoning blobs/skeletons.
Dodge his melee attack, hit 3-4 times, walk away. Kill blobs with a bow or crush them with mace, then continue damaging the boss. When he’s ready to puke, run, then fight him outside the poison cloud. Also, you can go to high mountains first, mine some obsidian with an iron pickaxe, craft frost arrows, and then use them to finish swamp boss from the distance.

Moder, snow boss. Obsidian and fire arrows, good bow. Strafe run, when he hangs in the air. When landed, simply take low-ground and shoot this huge dragoncopter. He can’t hit you with his frost breath when you are lower than him. Be aware of spawning wolves and mini-copters. Sometimes it will be better to retreat, kill small enemies, return to the boss.
Also, you can dig a pit in the ground before the boss fight, build there a workbench and the portal (may also work with other structures, I did it with a portal). Do not stay in that pit. These structures will draw the attention of the boss and you can kill him, while he will be trying to destroy your portal.

Yagluth, plains boss. Kill all fulings and deathsquitos in the area before starting the boss fight. As for tactic: nothing special, eat food, craft 100 needle arrows from deathsquitos, cover behind the massive stones in the boss arena and you will be fine.

Written by Candyman

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