Upcoming Survival Game Fractured Veil Is Giving Out A Bunch Of FREE Keys

Fractured Veil


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Upcoming Survival Game Fractured Veil Is Giving Out A Bunch Of FREE Keys

Fractured Veil developers Paddle Creek Games are reaching out to players for help by giving out Free keys.

Upcoming Survival Game Fractured Veil Is Giving Out A Bunch Of FREE Keys
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The developers at Paddle Creek Games are rallying hordes of people to stress test their Fractured Veil game servers. Join, and in return, you will get a free Steam key and can influence a great game in progress.

Fractured Veil is an open-world survival game and is in early alpha on Steam. The game is set on earth, on beautiful Maui, 100 years from now, after a globe and dimension spanning catastrophe, left the world in some deep, deep trouble.

You can claim your copy of the game at Fractured Veil Discord. It`s not an unlimited amount of keys, so be quick.

Fractured Veil is highly recommended by Onono. By getting into the game at an early stage you will be able to share your experience with the devs so that the game can evolve into a masterpiece, with a hint of your personal touch. This game is sure to become one of the greatest survival games of all time when first released, yours truly can’t wait for the final product.

We’ve been working on the game for 5 years now, it’s an open-world survival MMO, it’s on steam and is the real deal. We think we can get 150-200 players on a server right now, maybe more now that we moved to a new 5950x machine but we’ve never been able to get more than 40-50 people on at any given time. It’s harder than organizing a WoW raid with Leeroy Jenkins I swear.

Ryan Wiancko Project Director at Paddle Creek Games

Find out what the developers think of the game in their
Developer Review.

Fractured Veil is a multiplayer, persistent game set 100 years in the future on Maui. Players will joyfully struggle to organize, survive, and recolonize the fractures to craft a new civilization.


Fractured Veil is a game being developed and published by Paddle Creek Games. Development started in 2016 with a small team working towards building the world of Lahaina in 2120.


  • Cloud-based AI
  • Hunting and harvesting systems
  • In-game drones powered by machine learning
  • Dozens of items and weapons to craft
  • Player Construction / Base Building
  • Wood, Stone, Iron, Twine, and Sulfur resource gathering and refining
  • 64 Square KM Open World
  • Monuments to explore
  • First or Third person combat with Mutants, Animals, and other players
  • Party and Friend systems for co-op play
  • Large scale NPC intelligence
  • Dynamic day-night cycle
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