Physics-Based Neon Playground ‘Kinetic Edge’ Launches on Steam Today as Full 2021 Roadmap is Laid Out

Kinetic Edge

Physics-Based Neon Playground ‘Kinetic Edge’ Launches on Steam Today as Full 2021 Roadmap is Laid Out

Physics-Based Neon Playground ‘Kinetic Edge’ Launches on Steam Today as Full 2021 Roadmap is Laid Out
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Press release

Seacorp Technologies is excited to announce that Kinetic Edge – the studio’s physics-based racer, which features some amazingly manic multiplayer that takes place in a gloriously neon playground – is available on Steam for PC from today.

Kinetic Edge charges you with controlling a variety of shapes and objects to complete in multiple game modes and challenges, serving as a right rollicking experience either with friends or in single-player. Indeed, Seacorp’s latest serves as the perfect tonic to a year of big-budget, open-world epics dominating gamers’ time. Kinetic Edge allows players to switch off for some pure, arcade-style fun.

What’s more, Seacorp Technologies can today lift the lid on its update plans for the rest of 2021, with the Kinetic Edge roadmap for the next 12 months highlighting all the fresh, free content players can expect throughout the course of the year:

April 2021

  • Pool / Snooker: Both a standard game of pool using classic Kinetic Edge mechanics as well as a fresh game mode where jump pads, bumpers, and shape changers all hit the table.

May 2021

  • A variety of different levels for the game’s existing game modes.

June 2021 

  • Puzzles: A variety of puzzle-based games for single player and multiplayer.

September 2021

  • Co-op Mode: Specifically designed game modes where two players or more complete tasks and puzzles. 


  • Workshop: Create your own levels and submit them to the game for everyone to play.

Kinetic Edge may be out today, but the journey continues and that’s really exciting,

With a multiplayer game like this, updates are key, and we’re really looking forward to rolling out more and more modes throughout 2021 to reward the game’s fanbase. I think some of the updates we’ve got coming up – including the ability for players to create their own levels – will be really popular.

Founder Richard Seabrook.

Kinetic Edge includes:

  • Kinetic Race – Race with friends to get the best time or against others online.
  • Kinetic Arena – Knockout other players to make them lose points and stay in the green zone for maximum points gain.
  • Kinetic Survival – Increasingly difficult challenges knocking out players, last to remain wins.
  • Kinetic Golf – A physics crazy golf game you can play with friends.
  • Kinetic Maze – A procedurally generated level that constantly changes. Currently, there are three types of maze varying in size; 10×10 20×20, and 50×50. Maze’s are colour coded and have a distance meter to help out but you will have to navigate it to find the exit. Be sure not to follow the wrong friend because they can lead you to a dead-end! 
  • Kinetic Gauntlet Single-Player & Multi-Player – Can you complete the gauntlet? Seven minutes, one life, and no checkpoints. The Gauntlet is a super hard level that will test your abilities to the max within Kinetic Edge. Gauntlet also comes with Gauntlet training mode with multiple checkpoints and a slower pace for you to practice before the real deal. 

Kinetic Edge is available to buy on Steam today for $12.99/£9.99/€9.99 – Kinetic Edge på Steam (

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