Conan Exiles Rhino Guide and Map Locations

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Conan Exiles Rhino Guide and Map Locations

Conan Exiles Rhino Guide and Map Locations

The new Expansion of Conan exiles ”Isle of Siptah” comes with exciting updates. In this topic, we’re going to talk about Rhinoceros. Remember the big horny beasts roaming the world of Conan? Now you can ride them!
You can now catch and tame four types of gray rhino, not only to be your pets, yet additionally to be your mount!

The new mount can and be used for combat and traveling, allowing you to have the fittest companion for a harsh realm like the Isle of Siptah, it’s not quite as maneuverable as the horse, but it can deal a lot more damage. The rhino has strong special perks that can be gained by leveling him up, such as Rough and Tumble, Meat Wall, Mighty Horn, Bark Diet, Thick Hide, and much more.

When it comes to weapons, you are only able to use a bow or a spear. You can also mix the rhino charge with the spear to do a great amount of damage. It also has its own special attack, which you can use by pressing Space Bar, allowing him to hit the enemy with his sharp horn.

NOTICE: To be able to make a mount out of a rhino calf, you will need a regular gray rhino calf, not any other type.

How to tame the Rhino

Once you have the calf, you must place in it an animal pen, feed it and let it grow. After reaching maturity, you can place him on the ground like any other animal or pen. Remember that in order to tame him, you must equip him with a saddle that can be crafted in Saddler’s Worktable.

Preferred food for taming and regular feeding:

1.Plant Fiber

2.Hihgland Berries

3.Desert Berries


NOTICE: Only regular Rhino can be tamed, so other variants like Great Rhino or Black Rhino that might turn up the calf to grow up into, will NOT be tameable, so it’s recommended to feed him low tier food such as plant fiber to avoid letting him grow into other variants of it.

Rhino Skins

Pet skins can only be applied to pets in inventory, so make sure you do that first before placing him into the world. Otherwise, you won’t be able to change its skin.

The Rhino skins can be unlocked by spending Knowledge Points and crafted in the Firebowl Cauldron.

  1. Killer Grey
Killer Grey

2. Purebreed Grey

Purebreed Grey

3. Wartorn (This skin is only available if you purchased the game in early access)


4. Savage Grey

Savage Grey


There are 5 types of saddles that the rhino can be equiped with:

Travel saddle (Light,Medium,Heavy)

-Good for maneuvrability

Travel saddle

Cavalry Saddle

-Good for speed

Cavalry Saddle

War Saddle

-Good for Defense

War Saddle


Note that Rhino calfs are roaming creatures and might not be found in the same place all the time


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