Game Calendar – 2021

Newest PC, Xbox, PS, and Switch Games

Game Calendar for 2021 for Pc, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo.
All the best video games release of 2021 sorted by months, see the links to read more about a game. The game of the month is highlighted with a picture before each month.
The list is changing throughout the year, come back from time to time to check for new games.

Game Calendar – 2020

Video game release of January 2021

Game of the month January 2021 – Hitman 3

Video game release of February 2021

Game of the month February 2021 – Nioh 2

Video game release of March 2021

Game of the month March 2021 – Stronghold: Warlords

Video game release of April 2021

Game of the month April 2021 – Outriders

Game of the month:

Video game release of May 2021

Game of the month May 2021 – Hood : Outlaws and Legends

Video game release of June 2021

Game of the month June 2021 – Red Solstice 2: Survivors

Video game release of July 2021

Game of the month July 2021 – THE ASCENT

Video game release of August 2021

Game of the month August 2021 – Road 96

Video game release of September 2021

Citystate II (PC)
Cargo Company (PC)

Video game release of October 2021

  • October 1st – Fifa 22 (PC, PS, Xbox)
  • October 7th – Farcry 6 (PC, PS, Xbox)
  • October 7th – Age of Darkness: Final Stand (PC)
  • October 12th – Back 4 Blood (PC, PS, Xbox)
  • October 19th – Youtubers Life 2 (PC, PS, Xbox, Switch)
  • October 22nd – Battlefield 2042 (PC, PS, Xbox)
  • October 26th – Solar Ash (PC, PS)
  • October 26th – The Unliving (PC)
  • October 26th – Workshop Simulator (PC)
  • October 28th – Riders Republic (PC, PS, Xbox)
  • October 28th – Age of Empires IV (PC)
  • October 31st – Sunshine Manor (PC, PS, Xbox, Switch)

Video game release of November 2021

Video game release of December 2021

Sometimes in 2021:

Sometimes in 2022:

FAR: Changing Tides (PC, PS, Xbox, Switch)
Horizon Forbidden West (PS)
Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack (PC)
Moo Lander (PC, PS, Xbox, Switch )
Read Only Memories: Neurodiver (PC)
Sifu (PC, PS)

Are you a Game Developer or Publisher? Let us know if your game is not on the list.

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