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Fractured Veil developer review

Developer reviews are written by the developers of the game.


Fractured Veil (FRV) is a multiplayer survival game set on Maui approximately 100 years from now, and 50 years after a global apocalypse wipes out civilization. In the game’s alternate timeline, a world-wide teleportation system is perfected by a corporation known as Veilcorp. Headquartered in Lahaina, the island of Maui soon becomes a hotbed of scientific research and cutting edge technology. However, a cascading failure of the Veil network wipes out civilization and most life on Earth. Restored from incomplete data found in a recently discovered Veilcorp back-up system, players find themselves not at their intended destination, but in a future Hawaii ravaged by the accident and the effects of time.


FRV is part MMO, part open world survival with an emphasis on PVP, base building, crafting and exploration. Players must collect food and water, craft tools and weapons, build bases, and cooperate or compete with other players to eke out a living on a deadly future Maui.

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Besides other players, one of the main dangers to players are the island’s hungry mutants and animals who stalk the ruins. We’ve spent a lot of time on the PVE experience, including instanced dungeons as one of the many ways to set FRV apart from other survival games.


The enemies in FRV are not your typical braindead NPCs who run in straight lines with the tactics of an angry Rhino or stand still because they can’t navigate the map. The creatures may sometimes charge into combat or other times they may call for help from their mutated friends, but they aren’t stupid. We’ve spent countless hours trying to make smart opponents able to test our players.

Our wolves hunt in packs and will form up after spotting prey and players. FRV’s ranged mutants work in tandem with melee specialists to cut off escape routes, and force players to keep moving. In addition to being tougher overall, our Alpha mutants can summon and organize minions around them to add another layer of difficulty and realism.

The Sights and Sounds

Like all survival games, there are plenty of dangers that don’t involve clubs, teeth, and claws. A dynamic weather system and day/night cycles make players contend with the elements and plan their activities based on the time of day. Sound is an important element and we strived to make our sound design not only useful but also reflect our Hawaiian setting. Audio clues help characters discover things that can aid their struggles like running water or provide a warning that something dangerous is moving through the jungle. Procedural building, beach, road, and river systems offer unique areas to explore and loot, as well as places for mutants and other dangers to lurk.

We’ve included many native plants in the game and our map is based on the existing roads and topographical data of West Maui to make our version of the island as realistic as possible.


Another feature that sets FRV apart is our autonomous drones. Powered by A.I., these eyes-in-the-skies fly across the map searching for interesting events and players, all the while streaming everything live to Twitch, Facebook and Steam.

A variety of actions can draw their attention to be filed in standard, night-vision, spotlight, and thermal modes, these cameras offer spectators a unique view of the game in real-time while offering players the chance to be a star in an open world drama as it unfolds in real time.

Crafting and Building

There is plenty of craftable gear and weapons in FRV that can be upgraded with a number of scopes, suppressors, stabilizers, and more but the game also offers a number of unique items. Our collection of traditional weapons, including shark-toothed leiomano, provide players with a great looking way to hack and slash their way through the thick jungles of Maui.

Our construction system, which draws inspiration from Rust, 7D2D, Conan and Ark, is one of the slickest you’ll find anywhere. We have spent 1000’s of hours refining in order to make the building process more efficient and intuitive. We currently have 4 building materials to choose from: Thatch, Wood, Stone, and Metal. Each has a distinctive look with Hawaiian designs, carvings, and elements to tie them together.


  • Unique setting
  • Map-based on existing roads and topographical data of West Maui
  • Intuitive great looking construction system
  • Dynamic weather system and day/night cycles
  • Hardcore PVP (if that’s your thing)
  • Huge 64 Km2 Map
  • Strong PVE element


  • No private servers currently
  • Hardcore PVP (If that’s not your thing)
  • Early Alpha so rough around the edges
  • Missing some systems (quests, talents, etc.)

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Developer reviews are written by the developers of the game.
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