Month: August 2020

Trollhunters Defenders of Arcadia | Announce Trailer

Arcadia is under attack! Venture through the Trollhunter Universe as Jim Lake Jr. to stop Porgon the Trickster Troll and his sneaky plans! Team up with Claire in couch co-op to face unknown evil forces. Upgrade your armour and boost your abilities as you play and meet up with familiar faces in this action-packed adventure! Pre-order at:

GRIME New Compilation

Destroy… Absorb… Grow… GRIME is a fast and unforgiving Action-Adventure RPG in which you crush your foes with living weapons that mutate form and function, and then consume their remains with a black hole to strengthen your vessel as you break apart a world of anatomical horror and intrigue.

Exosuit Cinematic – Last Oasis

A first look at the Exosuit - Coming next week to Last Oasis!

Leif’sAdventure: Netherworld Hero Reveal Trailer

Leif is haunted by the nightmares of his past. In his dreams he relives his mother’s tragic death. A father struck with grief and unable to let go of his wife. An older brother, the seasoned warrior that everyone looks up to. Leif feels small in the shadow of his older brother. Will he ever be able to overcome his fears and be as brave as him?

EverSpace 2 Combat Gameplay | Gamescom 2020

Press release As shown in the Gamescom Studio show presented by IGN, independent developer ROCKFISH Games has revealed new content and features coming to the EVERSPACE 2 Early Access launching this December. New gameplay footage from the IGN event shows the hotly-anticipated cockpit view featuring fully functional displays which allows space sim fans the option to play without HUD for maximum imme...[Read More]

Desperados 3 The Smallest Collectors Edition In the Whole Wild West

Press release THQ Nordic and Mimimi Games proudly present: The Smallest Collector’s Edition in the Whole Wild West. This strictly limited edition is not for sale and only a few have been produced. This special edition contains 6 unique miniature figurines, an itsy bitsy artbook, the official soundtrack on a teeny tiny USB-Stick in the shape of a bullet, a John-Cooper-Stamp, and a mini wanted...[Read More]

DwarfHeim Developers Gear Up for a Weekend of RTS Streaming

Press release Merge Games along with Norway based developers, Pineleaf Studio are releasing DwarfHeim into Early Access this Fall. This weekend they’re taking the time to settle some old office scores, boot up their DwarfHeim game and stream some Co-op RTS action! As part of the Gamescom event the DwarfHeim developers will be live streaming to the world from their own Pineleaf Twitch channel. Be s...[Read More]

3 out of 10 Aims to Impress with Episode 4 Out Today

Press release 3 out of 10, the episodic playable sitcom about life at the world’s worst game development studio, invests in itself today with Episode 4 – “Thank You For Being an Asset To Our Company,” exclusively on the Epic Games Store for PC. Every Thursday through September 3, new episodes of Season One release for free. Big-shot investors will descend on Shovelworks S...[Read More]

3 FREE games on Epic Game Store for a limited time

You can check out all FREE games at the moment HERE. Hitman is free on Epic Games for a limited time. Become the Master Assassin in an intense spy-thriller story. As Agent 47, you perform contract hits on powerful, high-profile targets in exotic locations around the world. Gameplay focuses on taking out targets in huge and intricate sandbox levels with complete freedom of approach. Where to go, wh...[Read More]

Tell Me Why – Official Chapter One Launch Trailer

Play Tell Me Why day one with Xbox Game Pass or pre-order now on Microsoft Store and Steam. Learn more: Experience Chapter One of Tell Me Why, the latest narrative experience from DONTNOD Entertainment, the studio behind Life is Strange. Play as twins Alyson and Tyler as they use their special bond to unravel the mysteries of their loving but troubled childhood.

Ghostrunner Gameplay

The game takes place in the future, after a global cataclysm where the remains of humanity live in a tower built by The Architect, who died mysteriously years ago. Everyone knows the truth, no one says it aloud.

Ghostrunner Official Reveal Trailer 2019

Ascend humanity’s last remaining shelter, a great tower-city. The tower is torn by violence, poverty, and chaos. Conquer your enemies, discover the secrets of the superstructure and your own origin and obtain the power to challenge The Keymaster.

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