Surprise Release: There’s No Other Game Like This!

One Hand Clapping


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Surprise Release: There’s No Other Game Like This!

Press release

Los Angeles, California / Giebelstadt, Germany, July 15th, 2020: Hearing your own voice is strange, right? How about a fun game that teaches you to control it, helps you to feel more comfortable and confident while singing, and guides you to develop a stronger connection to your voice.

This connection can be very powerful. There is a reason singing in the shower is so enjoyable and karaoke is so liberating. One Hand Clapping, being uplifting and accessible for everyone, sets out to make you a believer in your own musical skills. Interact with a virtual, colorful world and solve puzzles with melody, rhythm, and harmony. How you do it is completely up to you: no matter if you prefer singing, whistling, humming, or even using an instrument, One Hand Clapping will be your unique musical journey!

Exclusive Developer Insight

Ever wondered where the art style of One Hand Clapping comes from? Or why we choose to develop such a special game? Pull back the curtain, watch our exclusive dev video, and hear the thoughts of the creators on developing this game and its progress.

Be part of a musical journey!

We’ve decided to open up the game to Early Access with this first playable section to be able to receive feedback as soon as possible and are planning to update the game every two months with new content and improvements. As each player’s voice is unique, your feedback will help us greatly to make this game even better for everyone!

Purchase Early Access at a reduced price! You’ll gain immediate access to the game in its current form and as it evolves.

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