Last Oasis Quality Guide with Tips & Tricks.

Last Oasis

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Last Oasis Quality Guide with Tips & Tricks.

Get your quality up to become the King of Last Oasis

First off, Last Oasis has a great survival tutorial that will help you to overcome all the hurdles in the early start of the game. But as in any survival game its easy to get stuck when starting to do more advanced things, like in Last Oasis when trying to make quality equipment or walkers.
This guide will help you with some tips & tricks to overcome some of the difficulties of quality in Last Oasis, and explain what to do to get it right.

Where to find quality items

Quality items are found all over the map and are rare to find. The highest quality at the moment is 100, so if you are going for high quality, go for 100 (Not always possible at private servers). The level 100 resources are shown as level 60+. When you want level 100 and you see level 60+ and you only get level 88, you need to stop farming and wait until the resource has reached level 100 (but not always, some stop at let’s say, level 80). You find high quality by looking at resources when you stand next to them or you can find them from distance by using the Rangefinder. When looking at the resource you can see what quality you can get out of it.

Where to find quality items at hard map:


  • Sulfur
  • Cattail


  • Charcoal
  • Ash
  • Bone Splinter
  • Aloe Vera
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Fiber


  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Redwood
  • Cotton
  • Fiber
  • Mushroom
Quality found by rangefinder

How to make quality items

It’s a big grind to make your items level 100, but it is worth it.
The first thing you need to do is to harvest some quality resources, use high-quality resources to make what you need, you now got your first quality.
As you progress into the game you will finally unlock the best Pickaxe, Scythe, and Axe witch you will need to have to be able to get level 100 resources. But you can not get level 100 quality items with a level zero Scythe ore Pickaxe, so the trick is to use some high-quality items to make the workstation higher level, then make the higher quality items with the quality crafting station. This is a round dance that will make you insane at the end, but its the way to go to get the quality higher and higher.
But be aware, making high-quality items in crafting stations take much longer time, so if you are crafting something that does not require high quality, use low-level crafting station.

Quality Crafting stations.

There is no problem making a low-quality crafting station, but to progress to make high quality you need to start somewhere. And to make it to the top you need to make and dismantle your crafting stations. Or being able to harvest the highest quality materials, that at private servers seems to be impossible. When you dismantle you will get the high-quality items back to the inventory witch you can reuse to make even better quality stations.

Benefits of high quality

There are many benefits of crafting high-quality, one of the best is the increase in speed you gain from having high-quality weapons. The damage done is not the reason you get a high-quality weapon, its the speed and durability. You can use anything with high quality for a much longer period before it gets broken.
Making high-quality walkers gives you the benefit of being able to put on more modules, and is the only way to level up your walker past level 5. Getting a walker level 100, you will be able to put on 10 times 10 modules, and the hitpoints increase.

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