18 Free games at Onono Discord.

Free games each Friday

Onono is doing game events each Friday. If you want to join the fun, please join our Discord to have a new experience in games you love to play.
Tonight’s game in Discord is The Forest.

We have giveaways with free games every Friday, and this Friday we got 18 games ready to be given away.
Ps! To claim giveaways you need to be a member of Onono Discord for a minimum of 1 month, have 1 game role, and 1 continent role on. You can only claim 1 free game a month.

Some of the games given away tonight:

  • Warhammer End Times Vermintide
  • Yoku’s Island Express
  • Carmageddon: Max Damage
  • Street Fighter X Tekken

To see what we are playing each Friday you can check out the Game Event page

Why you should join Onono Discord.

We are a multinational gaming community with 600+ members that play a wide range of games. Finding gamers to play with has always been our first priority, and at Onono you can find players for almost any games there is.
We also have 10 different game servers dedicated to our members, that consist of most survival games. But we also got a CsGo server for the trigger happy Co-opers. All servers are free to use for your inconvenience.
Happenings such as game night, free games, quiz, reviews and much more, are just some reasons why You should join.

No need to wait, join Onono Discord today. |Onono – Gamers Connect |

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