Private servers are now live at Last Oasis

Last Oasis

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Private servers are now live at Last Oasis

Private servers are now live at Last Oasis

After a long wait, the Last Oasis private servers are up and running. The Developer of the game Donkey Crew had some big backend issues with the servers from day one, and they wanted to postpone the release of private servers until they had tested it out 100%.

The wait is now over and Onono has got its own server to play on. More info at Game Servers. The server capacity can be updated after demand.

The game servers are locked with few features to change for the server owner. And the only thing you can change in multipliers is Experience, Foilage Respawn, and Harvest Quantity.
Maps can be changed, but are locked with a set difficulty.
Cradle EASY, CanyonB MEDIUM, Canyon10 MEDIUM, and Sleeping Giants HARD

Let’s hope the private servers do not decay and burn because there is no other oasis to travel to. It seems like all servers are looked into its own world with no escape possibilities.

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