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Vigor Season 3 Rivals

Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce. the release of Season 3: Rivals, for Vigor, which is coming out on Wednesday, April 8th. The third season brings a seasonal game mode called Sawmill Shootout, Silenced Weapons, handy Consumables: Iodine and Caffeine as well as ashy Facewear and Titles to the premium Battle Pass.

Watch the trailer:

Season 3: “Rivals” includes:

  • New Battle Pass Season
  • Sawmill Shootout
  • New Tools (Consumables) Iodine (provides temporary
    – Iodine (provides temporary radiation resistance)
    – Caffeine (stamina boost)
  • New Silenced Weapons
    – PSS
    – SVU
    – MP5-K SD3
  • Facewear (masks / eyewear / full headpieces)
  • Titles in Battle Pass
  • New Seasonal XP Rewards
  • Skip and replay the tutorial
  • Weapon stats UI improvements – melee weapons
  • Reward Screen improvements

Who are the Rivals? The Rivals are the renegades of society. They hide behind ashy masks and are even more dangerous when wielding silenced weapons. The Shootout is their main focus. Iodine and caffeine help them outlive their enemies.

What is Vigor? Vigor is a free-to-play shoot ‘n’ loot game where you build the Shelter in post-war Norway. Over 4 000 000 players have jumped into the picture-postcard (but deadly) Outlands so far.

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