Tactical Galactical (PC) – Tokyo Game Show 2019 Trailer

Tactical Galactical

Tactical Galactical (PC) – Tokyo Game Show 2019 Trailer

Tactical Galactical is a real-time hex-based strategy game, set in the world of a Saturday morning cartoon.

“On planets far beyond our galaxy, three daring adventures battle for control over the precious Energy Crystals. Delores the Invincible, Zubair the Cunning, Mikhail the Vigorous, in an eternal struggle to see who will be the master of Tactical Galactical”

• Designed from the ground up with consoles in mind, Tactical Galactical overcomes the usual controller challenges that console strategy games suffer from.
• Flying above the planet in a spaceship, players control all manner of ground units below, from hovering humans, to shielded attack vehicles, flying fortresses and giant robots.
• Unit tactics form the backbone of the game, all with different strengths and weakness against the others.
• A card system is used to deploy fresh units, bolster the army, perform special moves and attack the other player’s space ship.
• A strategic layer, with base upgrades, unit upgrades, card upgrades and ship upgrades, allows for longer term planning.
• Single player adventure, multiplayer battle and fighting with friends.
• Three adventures, with their own unique card decks and play styles.
• Giant aliens to thwart our adventures’ plans.


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