The Shattering


A white void all around you, a distant voice beckoning you to come back to its sweet embrace… and a typewriter in front of you. That is Johns mind. But is it his reality? Super Sexy Software and Deck13 Spotlight are proud to announce the release day for the psychological thriller “The Shattering”. The psychological thriller indie title will be available on Steam April 21st.

About the game

The Shattering is a work of passion coming from a small group of 5 close friends. It has its roots in 2013, when the first echoes of the game started to take form in the mind of Marta Szymańska, who was studying the contrast of white and black in horror entertainment games and culture. The core theme draws on the premise that horrors and fear can be achieved through embracing white and the absence of information, rather than darkness and the obvious, though unseen, enemy.

Players will experience the key moments of John’s life that have defined and shaped him – they will be tasked with discovering the truth, shattering the lies and, ultimately, finding out what happened to him… and to remember her name.

The Shattering Key Features

  • Beautiful and rich realistic environments painted with a pristine white aesthetic provide a original scenery that stands apart
  • An intriguing story split into five acts that piece together knowledge of the past and an understanding of the present as the player progresses
  • A sublime, gripping and intense original score that breathes life into each moment

About Super Sexy Software
Located in Dietikon, Switzerland, Gdynia, Poland and Paris, France, Super Sexy Software is a group of close friends working on their first release, The Shattering. The team is lead by Marta Szymańska, and includes Arkadiusz Burczyk, Katarzyna Kozłowska, Matt Rusiniak and Timothée Dorr.

About Deck13 Interactive

Deck13 Interactive is one of Germany’s leading developers. Employing more than 60 and with studios located in Frankfurt,the team develops award-winning large scale productions for console and PC. With the “Deck13 Spotlight” label the team established a publishing service to help independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences. For more information, visit

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