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7 Days to Die Tips & Tricks.

7 Days to Die Tips & Tricks by @ff-wulfson

Don’t forget to place your bedroll

A Bedroll is an object which can be manufactured using plant fibers but also can be looted. A Bedroll sets your spawn point at the location in which it was placed. It’s your only spawning point and it will be shown on the map after the placement marked as a bed. You normally place it home, but it’s also recommended to place it when looting dangerous places so you avoid the risk of running all the way back in case you die.

Save the ammunition.

Ammunition in 7 Days to Die is a very precious loot. Not having it can make the difference between life and death- especially during horde night. Therefore, it’s for the better not to waste it unless it is really needed. You can use other alternatives while looting, like melee weapons, bows, and crossbows.


Yes, you read that right, loot everything because every single piece of junk you find around the world will be proven useful at the right time for crafting various items, including weapons, ammo, vehicles, and many more important things. You will often find yourself encumbered, and with your backpack, the best thing to do is place a storage chest, store them and come back for them if the loot is just too much.


Quests are one of the best features added to the game. The quests can be either found in a note form when looting or taken from the Trader NPC. if doing a certain kind of mission (Looting a house to retrieve a package), you can loot the house before you start the mission, then loot it again after you start it because all the loot will respawn!

Pack mule

Pack Mule is a Strength perk, it is heavily advised that points be invested in the perk as it can allow trips to be more productive and much faster collection of resources, allowing you to carry more items without being encumbered.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera leaves can be harvested from Aloe Vera plants found in the desert biome, and it’s the best medicine for starting out. Aloe Vera leaves can be farmed by crafting and then planting them. Aloe Vera leaves can be used to craft Aloe Cream, which is further used to make First Aid Bandages for stopping bleeding and recovering Health like Painkillers, without the reduction in Hydration.


Scrap everything you don’t find useful because the resources recycled from the items will help you craft other stuff. I personally found myself saving much time scrapping everything I don’t need and using the resources later in-game.


You will find yourself in need of items such as glue and duct-tape. To make your life easier, these items can be easily crafted using bones to make glue, and afterward using the glue with a cloth to make duct-tape. Bones can be looted from animals and corpses, including body bags found around hospitals, military bases, churches, and other places.

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  1. Anything here about food. Finding it a hard time to get worth it food, where as i have to eat 100s of yucca fruit and it isnt as efficient xD

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