Goat of Duty – Teaser Trailer

Goat of Duty


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Goat of Duty – Teaser Trailer

Goat of Duty is now available on Steam Early Access! Grab the game at https://store.steampowered.com/app/55…

Goat of Duty is the quirkiest game in multiplayer arena shooters, based on three well established fun factors: GOATS, GORE and (S)KILLS!

Take control of a genetically perfected killing machine, looking hella cute but sneakily capable of: Jumping improbable heights, fighting upon steep terrain and tiny ledges in carefully handcrafted battle arenas; Operating deadly weapons such as the Piercer, the Impaler, Rocket and Grenade launchers, Saw Blade launchers, and the most powerful of them all: furious headbutting; Crossdressing: assume the identity of Lara Goat, Lucha Goat, Goat of War, RoboGoat, Goatzilla, and many many others to unlock! Running without a head, ragdolling, exploding in implausible splashes of gore.

Take the goat by the horns and jump into the fray for a fur-raising battle to the last bullet. Pecking order makes no sense: just go out there and make it GOATLIKE!

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