Artificial Extinction Trailer

Artificial Extinction

Artificial Extinction Trailer

A new video game coming to PC, Add To Your Steam Wishlist!…

Today, our scientists are inventing Artificial Intelligence and Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWS) simultaneously. This game is about our future if we continue to allow these technologies to be developed and combined together.

Artificial Extinction is unique because it’s a Sentry Defense game involving Real Time Strategy elements played from the First Person point of view. The story is very relevant to today’s topics of the race to invent Artificial Intelligence, LAWS, AI Murder Policy debate and military’s implementing robotics and drones on today’s battlefield.

In the game, the enemy robots continually adapt to your defensive strategies and you have to adapt to survive. The enemy AI learns, shows creativity, improves their technology and changes their strategy. To be able to survive, you must always stay one step ahead. This game is about survival, battlefield tactics, strategy, evolving technology and resource management.

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