Onono supports Hordalan20 by sponsoring two game events.

Hordalan20 is one of Norway’s biggest LAN parties and can hold over 700 gamers and 100 in the crew. If you love games, Hordalan20 is the place to be if you live or are passing through Bergen. The LAN is being held in Sotra Arena between 21st-25th February 2020.

Last year – Hordalan19

Onono is sponsoring the Conan Exiles and the Minecraft event. Yours truly is being extremely grateful to be able to host both events.

If you want more info on Hordalan20 you can check it out here:

Below you can see what the winners of the events get besides the steam gift Cards.

Onono merch

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  1. This is sweet. I hope that a few of the players enjoy enough to come join in the fun here directly. I also hope that our servers shine during the event. Good job, Kurz, getting this all set up.


    • Thanks, it’s going to be a great long weekend working with all these great gamers.

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