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Green Hell


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Green Hell – Beginner’s Guide

1. Shelter.
The first thing you ought to do when you commence the game and venture into the wild is to craft yourself a shelter and a bed.
Shelters are one of the most paramount buildings in Green Hell. They are utilized for preserving the player’s progress.
Some shelters can additionally be utilized for slumber which renovates the player’s energy and increases sanity. Other shelters provide respite from the rain.
Beds are utilized for slumbering which will revitalize the player’s energy and increase sanity.

2. SmartWatch.
Always check your smartwatch utilizing the scroll wheel on your mouse to check your stats.
The macroelement scanner designates the player’s elemental needs. It exhibits the player’s current level of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and hydration. These metrics will affect gameplay, making this the most consequential function of the smartwatch. To maintain stamina, health, and evade low fatigue, the player must watch these levels constantly and maintain them.

3. Water.
Don’t forget to always have water with you. Water is essential for life, and this does not change in Green Hell. The water needs are unforgiving at all difficulty levels and commence fairly early in gameplay, so getting a water source should be a top priority for any player.
Rain will not make you hydrated unless you can catch it and drink it. The simplest early-game way to find water is to find at least one green coconut, hit it to reveal the coconut water (Clean), and drink the water. Once harvested further, you will have two coconut bowls, which can be dragged out of your backpack when raining and dropped on the ground. Dropping the bowls on the ground will fill them with clean water.
Once you have a coconut, you will obtain a recipe for a Coconut Bidon. This is a whole coconut (drink water from it, but don’t harvest any further) and a rope. This will carry enough liquid to satisfy 40 hydration points.
Additionally, you can drink water from streams, but it is not recommended since most probably you will get parasites.

4. Decaying animal corpses.
When wandering through the dense jungle you can find corpses of animals. Always loot the bones and the maggots out of them. The bones can be crafted into bone needles witch can be used to dispense worms.
Maggots play a vital role in dealing with an Infection.

5. Coconuts
Coconuts are one of the most utilitarian items you can find that also offers sustenance. once the outer green layer has been removed, the player can drink the water from inside the coconut. The remaining coconut can then be crafted into a coconut bidon, or harvested for two half-shells with flesh.
The flesh can either be eaten straight from the shell or harvested then eaten. Once the flesh has been abstracted, the player will be left with two empty coconut half-shells. These can then be placed on the ground to accumulate rainwater or utilized as cooking vessels for soups and brews.

6. Red mushrooms
You can find them in many places, primarily on fallen tree trunks. Red mushrooms are used to get rid of parasites and also contain carbohydrates.

7. Keep yourself clean
Remember to wash yourself when you get too dirty to avoid infections.
Dirt increases the player’s chances of contracting a wound infection if they are injured. Eating while dirty can additionally lead to ingesting parasites.

8. Audio
Always keep your sound up.
Snakes, scorpions, spiders, and other predators can be heard when near. To avoid getting in contact with them, you should listen carefully to the sounds around you.

9. Dry leaves
Keep some leaves in your inventory, because in time they will dry and you will be able to utilize the dry leaves to light up your fire
Dry leaves can also drop when you chop down a palm tree.

10. Sanity
Loss of Sanity will cause the player to hallucinate and start hearing his inner voice, often yelling demotivating criticism and insults. This happens at around 50% sanity
Try to keep your sanity up because it will make your life a nightmare if it goes down too much.

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